• Shortly about me

    He is good at programming in bioinformatics using VisualBasic.NET, and he is the director of the GCModeller genetics open platform project. From the development of GCModeller, he have learn lots about server programming and biological scientific things.

    Now he is learning of HTML5 and d3js for the data visualization of GCModeller and trying to become a fullstack developer...

    More About Xie

  • Weibo:http://weibo.com/ineat
    Phone:+86 13807837047

    Miss asuka is his best friend both in his lifetime and in his software development career.
  • He loves learning new technology and writing articles to shared his knowledge to others. He is often writing technical article on the website codeproject.com and his readers love his articles...

    From the study in the university, he takes 3 years of time for coding on the GCModeller platform. Now he is full skill on the bioinformatics software development.

    He loves working on the opensource project development, you can goto his github page for find more about him!